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Suspension Medium (MZL)
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Rycote's suspensions provide complete isolation against handling and cable-borne noises, by supporting the microphone in a cradle arrangement using Lyre suspension webs.

The patented Lyre are extremely robust, and virtually unbreakable, as they do not use elastic or rubber components which are prone to wear and tear. These completely backward compatible Lyre have replaced the original silicone O-rings suspension, and can be bought separately to upgrade older suspensions. Lyre suspension webs come in five varieties, please see Kit Contents Tab for details.

Small, Medium and Large Modular Suspensions are available, each with corresponding length bars. All other components are shared, including Rycote Pistol-grip with integral XLR MarkII holder and boom adaptor (with 3/8" adaptor) for handheld or boom operation.

A Connbox is fitted as standard to Small, Medium and Large Suspensions (Windshield Kits 1- 11), for maximum reduction in unwanted noise. Using a Connbox breaks the transmission path of the cable-borne noise, and significantly reduces handling noise. For the best performance we only use ultra soft/flexible Mogami cable and gold pin Neutrik 3-pin XLR's

  • Patented Lyre suspensions provide complete isolation against handling noise whilst safely gripping the microphone
  • Our new small and medium modular bars are now more durable and less prone to wear and tear.
  • Comfortable pistol-grip handles allow handheld use, but also have a 3/8" boom adaptor in the base for quick transfer boom operation


Medium 2 modules (160mm length)

Lyres Fitted

2 x Single Lyre 62 (19/25)

Lyres as Spare

2 x Single Lyre 72 (19/25)




Shotgun microphones from 210mm to 400mm in length, and from 19-25mm in diameter, 30mm or Sennheiser MKH microphones.

1 x XLR Holder MK II

1 x Boom Poles Adaptor

1 x Pistol Grip Handle with Lever

1 x Connbox CB9 (MZL)

2 x Single Lyre 62 (19/25)

2 x Single Lyre® 72 (19/25) (as spare)

1 x Medium (2-Module) Bar

1 x Hex Head Key