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Sapphire Compact

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Ideal mixing desk for the modern AoIP studio
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sapphire compact is the ideal mixing desk for the modern AoIP studio. This console simplifies the workflow of complex and fast-paced live radio shows with a number of new innovative features. Autogain, for example, quickly optimizes the dynamic range of microphone preamps adaptively with a single button. Another Lawo innovation is Automix, our intelligent DSP algorithm which gives presenters the power to create content hands-free and error-free. Additionally, sapphire compact delivers a unique layering feature which allows the console to manage a live broadcast while also performing alternate tasks such as voice tracking, phone call editing, and even light production. The elegant and flexible control surface design is available in desktop or flush-mounted styles. A deceptively-compact 1RU engine powers the control surface and delivers sophisticated signal processing functions along with a full complement of audio inputs and outputs – both analog and digital, AoIP and baseband.
- Available as 16 live sources with 8 faders or 24 live sources with 12 faders or 32 live sources with 16 faders. The compact engine supports a maximum of 48 mono sources active at the same time. - Control surface available as split or unibody frame, flush mounted or counter-top - Motorized faders always show the current mix levels, no guess-work required - One button Autogain for adaptive microphone level optimization - Sophisticated Automix for hands-free blending of contribution elements - Intuitive layering for one-touch voice tracking and offline work - VisTool 5.0 software for extended visualisation and control - Full complement of mic inputs, analog and digital line inputs and outputs - Optional RAVENNA/AES67 networking and MADI - Stereo or 5.1 mix outputs