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INOmini DAB/DAB+ Broadcast Monitor / Receiver


INOmini LED Sign Driver / Receiver

INOmini DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer

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SiteStreamer with Web Interface
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The new Web-enabled 662 DAB+ SiteStreamer™ provides remote audio monitoring via the Internet. Monitor up to six sources of DAB+ programming from a remote site over the Internet. Tune-in, switch modes, listen remotely via streamed audio, and receive email or text alarms & notifications.

A StationRotation™ feature can be programmed to sequentially scan up to 30 station presets. A browser-accessed Web Interface enables remote programming, tuning and operation. The browser displays audio levels, signal metrics and program-related metadata. The SiteStreamer™ logs alarm conditions, and any or all failure alarms may be dispatched instantly by email or SMS/text messaging.

The INOmini 662 SiteStreamer™ is a Web-enabled EBU-standard DAB / DAB+ digital radio receiver for program audio and confidence monitoring. It permits the program originator to hear his broadcast and measure certain important parameters at a remote location, even where the off-air signal cannot be received.

The compact 1/3-rack-size 662 integrates with other Inovonics INOmini products, including RDS encoders and decoders, AM/FM/HD-Radio confidence monitors with IP control and streaming audio, and other economic problem-solvers for broadcasters. Three INOmini units can be combined and mounted in the optional 1U 19” Rack Shelf for a clean professional installation.

Special prices are available for INOmini RackPack™ combos that include three INOmini units preinstalled in the Rack Shelf.

  • Monitor your DAB and DAB+ signal from any remote location via the Internet
  • Accurate front-panel and Web Interface program audio level display
  • BandScanner™ gives a spectrum plot of all or part of Band III
  • Station Rotation’ can monitor multiple station sequentially
  • AES digital AUX input can monitor hardwired audio program feeds A/B between source and air
  • Full dynamic browser support of all operating features, including audio streaming through the dynamic Web Interface
  • Sends instant error messages via email or SMS text; logs signal loss, audio loss, DAB/DAB+ loss
  • Easy setup and operation; full SNMP support
  • Headphone jack

Tuning Range DAB Band III, Mode I (237.448MHz- 239.200MHz); all EBU-specified frequency allocations (Blocks 5-12, A-D) plus Block 13 A-F

Receiver Sensitivity 10μV for error-free reception

Antenna Input 75-ohm (BNC)

Audio Codecs MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 (MP2); HE-AAC (AAC+)

Audio Response ±0.25dB, 20Hz-20kHz

AUX Program Line Input AES3 (XLR) digital AUX input accepts 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling with programmable input sensitivity.

Network Connection RJ45 jack accepts universal TCP/IP connector to LAN/router/Internet.

Headphone Jack 3.5mm TRS with menu-adjustable level

Signal Parameters & Metadata Displayed Frequency, RSSI, SNR, FIC Quality (FQ), CNR, FFT Offset, CNR FIB Error, CU Level, Ensemble Label & ID, Total Services, Total Components, Total CU, Time, Dynamic Label Segment & Size, Sample & Bit Rates, Gain, Mode & ServiceMode, Protection Info, Current CU & Address, Frequency & Block, Service Label & ID, PTY, Component Label & ID, Global ID, Country, Language, Character Set ID, L/R Audio Levels

Alarms Audio Loss, Low Signal, DAB Loss; adjustable thresholds and delays

Alarm Logs Alarms are logged and may be downloaded as daily, weekly or monthly CSV files.

Power Requirement +12VDC at 110mA (2.1mm x 5.5mm coaxial); a universal inline switchmode power supply is provided. Mounting Options An optional rack adapter accepts up to three INOmini modules in a 1U rack space.

Size and Weight 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D 4 lbs shipping weight