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ES-726 Programmable Event Controller


ES-718 Programmable Event Controller

ES-724 Programmable Event Controller

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6-digit Stand Alone Clock w/ four 4-digit thumbwheel comparators
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The ES-700 Series is a family of programmable event controllers that provide a number of contact closure outputs at predetermined times. These controllers allow the user to automate multiple events with simple programming.

Various Models are available from Time Code Readers (ESE, SMPTE/EBU, IRIG) to Stand-Alone Clocks and Elapsed Timers with Thumbwheel, Keypad or PC Interface programmability. Other common features include Audio Alarm/Override & Relay Disable.

Several options are available, including BBU (Battery Back-Up), NTP and additional Relay Outputs.

The ES-710 Series provides closures based on a simple and easy to use thumbwheel switch comparator.