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Quick Overview

Mobile Studio includes: SE2800-8, TLM-170GM, ITC-100, HDR- 70 (w/ one 320GB HDD), VSM-100, RP-45A(RP-45+DAC-50), RP-51(VP-445+AD-100), and PD-2. Assembled in an 8U aluminum case
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The MS-2800 is a modular mobile video studio that enables live production and event recording.

The unit is based around the Datavideo SE-2800 broadcast-quality switcher featuring 8 digital and analogue inputs (upgradeable to 12 channels). It is designed for live events and TV programmes that need to blend a variety of video and audio sources. Thanks to its small form factor, the SE-2800 is ideal for use in a portable rack unit.

Producing superb 4:2:2 10-bit broadcast quality pictures with versatile input/output configurations, the SE-2800 also has powerful, easy to use effects, such as dual picture in picture (PIP), downstream keyer (DSK) and logo insertion.


The built-in 17-inch multiviewer display easily pulls out on location, and provides a complete overview of all 8 input channels, as well as Preview (Next Source) and Program (Live). The screen also features tally information, where Program is highlighted in red, and Next Source marked in yellow. In addition to the multi-view display, each input card also provides a real-time live Composite Video output, irrespective of the input type.


HD recording is acheived via the HDR-70 rackmountable hard drive based video recorder & player. The HDR-70 features a removable hard drive enclosure and records from standard and high definition video via SDI with a convenient loop through / pass through for monitoring. Recording formats include 1080i, 720p, 576i and 480i with a choice if IBP or Intraframe(i-frame) and RS-422 & RS-232 remote control interfaces are standard. The recorded files are compatible with a wide range of NLE and play out solutions.

Talkback & Tally Indicator

In the production studio, good communication between the director, cameraman, lighting, sound mixing etc. is essential to produce a polished end result. The integrated ITC-100 Intercom System provides talkback for up to 8 users, with additional tally indication for each camera. The TD-1 camera tally light, also provide dual colour tally light to assist the person (the talent) in front of the camera (what camera is "Live" and what camera is "Next Source"). The director can select to talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously. Good quality audio and full duplex design makes communication crisp and clear. MS-2800 is supplied with 4 x ITC-100SL camera belt packs, each with microphone headset, on camera dual colour tally indicator and 20 meter cable.

  • 8/12-Ch inputs:
  • HD Mode: 8/12 HD-SDI | 6/9 HD-SDI + 2/3 HDMI
  • SD Mode: 8/12 SD-SDI
  • Optional 4 CH Upgrade (to 12 CH)
  • 3-ch SDI outputs for AUX, PGM, PVW or PGM clean out
  • 1-ch HD to SD down-scaler on output ch-3
  • 2-ch multi-viewer outputs
  • Built in Digital clock & countdown
  • 2 PIP modes, 2 logos and 2 DSK, supports Key & Fill
  • 4-ch XLR audio inputs, 2-ch outputs, supports embedded audio SDI output
  • 17” HD monitor for Multiviewer and PGM
  • 8-ch Intercome/Tally system
  • HD-SDI recorder: or up to 120Mb/s (HD) in Long GOP or i-frame 4:2:2 in MXF/OP1A/MOV file format
  • Audio delay box for perfect lip-sync calibration
  • Optional dual vectorscope with two 4.3” HD LCD monitor (MS-2800B only)
  • Optional lookback system, 8-ch Camera power center and Datavideo All-in-One cable CB/22/23 and cable repeaters VP-605 (For MS-2800B)



Digital Video Switcher


17.3" Rack Mount LCD


HD/SD SDI Recorder


Intercom/Tally system

ITC-100 w/4 Belt pack

SDI Vector Scope


Audio Delay Mixer


Power distributor (8-way)


Return Video (8-CH CV)


Multi-Camera Control


Camera Power Distributor


HD/SD SDI Amplifier


Rack System Integration

8RU Flight Case





SDI Vector Scope


Return Video (8-CH CV)


Camera Power Distributor


Camera Power Regulator

DDC-4012H (9-30V to DC12V)

Redundant Power (360W)


Return Video LCD (CV)

TLM-430H with Ball head


CB-22H/23H (30m/50m)

CB-22H/23H Repeater


SDI/CV/ITC/Cat-5 cable


SDI/ITC cable

CB-46/47/50 (30/50/100m)

ITC/Tally cable

CB-3/4 (20m/50m)

100m SDI Repeater

VP-633 / VP-634

SE-2800 Switcher - 8 Channel (Upgradeable to 12 Channel)

TLM-170HM Folding Rackmount 17" LCD Display - Multiview Output

ITC-100 Intercom / Tally System

4 x ITC-100SL

PD-2 Power Distribution Centre - Distributes power to all equipment via single AC Connection

HDR-70 HD-SDI Hard Drive Recorder - Requires HDD

AD-100 Audio Delay Box

Patch Bays on the rear for quick & easy installation

Installed, Configured, Set-up & tested in a Heavy Duty 8U Flight Case