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ModMon Encore


PA300 V2

Plan B Encore

Quick Overview

Audio Back Up Device
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What sets Plan B Encore above other Silence Monitor and Back-up Audio Players is the vast number of alternative audio sources you can switch to:

  • Internal flash memory
  • External USB
  • IP Stream
  • From audio inputs in the back panel
  • You can even switch to external equipment via the GPIO contacts


This means, should the worst happen, you will have complete control over what happens next. Your broadcast will continue seamlessly without anyone knowing there’s a problem. You, on the other hand, are kept completely informed with the aid of email alerts and SNMP.

It is also an amazingly accessible piece of equipment. You can set up and monitor the Plan B Encore using the HTML5 remote, Telenet or HTTP API. Whatever your situation you’ll be able to instantly access your equipment, giving you ultimate control over your broadcast.

The Encore Range of products are incredibly stylish, they have dual OLED screens and a rotary lighting ring, making them intuitive and fun to use. The menu structures are clean and simple, making navigation easy. All the info you need is at your fingertips, you won't need to go hunting around to find that illusive feature you want to use.

As you have come to expect from BW Broadcast, these products are designed for unsurpassed reliability and trouble-free operation in the world’s most challenging installations. Backed up by our outstanding 24/7 Technical Support, with an international 10-year warranty and free software upgrades for life you can have the peace of mind that you are buying a piece of quality broadcasting equipment that will stand the test of time.

To really get a feel of the countless features of this unit, please download the datasheet, or better yet, request a demo from your local dealer.

Continuously monitors audio
from analog and digital inputs

Silence is replaced by backup audio
sources such as another audio input, a webstream, internal flash memory or external USB storage

Different backup sources
at different times, on different days

Cascading choice of backup sources
with choice of immediate return to primary or ‘rung by rung’ return

Multiple playlists
for in-unit audio, with anti-repeat function

Remote listen
allows you to monitor your station from a distance

Email, SNMP
or a variety of other communication methods lets you know when something’s wrong, and when it’s fixed

Flexible and versatile alert and actions system
bring together rear panel GPIO at digital or analog levels of your choosing, integrating it with intuitive ‘do this when’ and ‘do this now’ actions

HTML, FTP, Telnet, SNMP and RS232 connectivity
interfaces with monitoring equipment or just acts standalone, allowing you to monitor and control your unit remotely, from anywhere in the world!



Nom. input leve

+4 dBu

Max input leve

+24 dBu


XLR balanced EMI surpressed

A/D conversion

24 bit





Analog output

0-24 dBu adjustable


XLR balanced EMI surpressed

D/A conversion

24 bit



Sampling rate

32-192 kHz (MPX over AES ready)


XLR balanced EMI surpressed

Nominal input level

-20 dBfs



Sampling rate

32-192 kHz (MPX over AES ready)


XLR balanced EMI surpressed


-32 - 0 dBfs adjustable



Output level

0 - 12 dBu adjustable

MPX outputs

2 x BNC EMI surpressed

D/A conversion

192KHz, internally oversampled

Stereo seperation

>60 dB 20Hz - 15 kHz

MPX inputs

2 x BNC EMI surpressed

A/D conversion

192KHz, internally oversampled

Pilot output

BNC software switched with MPX2 output




Serial, USB A, USB B, RJ45


HTTP (browse, mobile, API), SNMP, TELNET, FTP, SMTP, RS232




90 - 260 VAC, 50/60Hz, 25W IEC connector


-20ºC - 50ºC / 0-90% RH, non-condensing

Size (inch)

19” W x 1.73” H x 9.84” D

Size (mm)

44mm x 482mm x 200mm


1.6 Kg


10 year limited warranty

Backup options

AES / EBU inputs, PPX inputs, USB storage, Internal flash memory, IP streams

1 x Plan B Encore Audio Backup Device