The Ultimate 24-Track
on location
audio recorder : CantarX3

The CantarX3, packed with an impressive array of professional and innovative features, has already made a huge impact on the sound recording sector for cinematography, broadcast, drama, and orchestral work.

Technical Specs:
56 Analog and Digital Inputs


  • 8 ultra low noise analogue mic pre-amps with very high quality Lundahl transformers and 48V phantom powering.
  • 4 analogue balanced line inputs
  • 8 AES3 digital inputs
  • 2 AES42 mode 2 pairs
  • 24 Dante® audio inputs
  • All analogue and digital inputs have limiters, high pass filters, parametric EQ variable gain and digital delay
  • All line outputs have digital delay

52 Analog and Digital Outputs

  • 8 analog balanced line level outputs
  • 8 AES digital outputs
  • 24 Dante® audio outputs
  • 4 Recording Media:
  • Record and playback to and from internal 256GB SSD
  • Simultaneous recording to internal SSD, two SD cards and USB external drive
  • Two large rotary control selectors for easy operations in any situation – with or without gloves.
  • Eight rotary potentiometers positioned so the operator’s hands rest on them in a perfectly natural position
  • Ten channel on board linear mixer. Fully assignable à la Cantarem with ultra smooth 80mm magnetic linear faders

The best companion of CantarX3

Cantarem 2 is a totally new fader panel which succeeds the original Cantarem. With 12 full throw 100mm linear faders, 12 solo buttons, 2 shift buttons and 4 assignable buttons it offers the production sound mixer many options.

The magnetic faders are Aaton designed, sliding on ultra smooth rails, giving a silky linear action. The X3’s linear and rotary faders are also assignable so when using the Cantarem 2 you have a total of 20 assignable linear faders and 8 assignable rotary faders. If you have a big dialogue day and 22 linear faders are not enough, you could use both Cantarem and Cantarem 2 fader panels with the production sound mixer using one panel for the main characters and the other panel for an assistant mixing the minor characters – all recording onto the same X3. Assignable faders give complete flexibility. Cantarem 2 is connected to the X3 via USB and the faders and buttons are totally assignable. You can control mix levels conventionally or if you are recording a whisper to a scream, you could assign a linear fader to an input gain. Alternatively, you could control the level of the production feed on a line out.