Dedolight  Lighting

In-House Testing and Performance Results


We performed our very own testing at Sonotechnique, with Gilles Fillion, audiovisual specialist, and Benoît Beaulieu, Director of Photography, with the Sekonic C700 Spectrometer. Results and analysis are in. 

The CRI measurement was used to rank the products from top pick (#1, with CRI of 95) to 5th position (#5, CRI of 85). Note that a CRI of 85 is still excellent. 

We tested the lighting products in two color ranges when possible (tungsten and daylight).


1st place – classic focusable tungsten bulbs and diffuse lighting

  • DLHM4-300
  • DLH1x150
  • DLH4x150
  • DLH650
  • DLH1000

2nd place – focusable tungsten color in DLED-BI-color version

3rd place – tungsten color with LED panel in BI-color version (DEDOCOLOR)

4th place – tungsten color with Dedolight HMI (special 200 W bulb for 3200°K

5th place – tungsten color with LED Panel in BI-Color  version (Tech-Pro-TP-LONI-BI) 

For all the above products that were tested in TUNGSTEN mode, here is our overall impression, regardless of individual ranking:

  • Excellent saturation and presence of different color rays
  • Very low / negligible presence of IR light
  • Very low / negligible presence of UV light
  • When in low-output mode while using a dimmer, the LED BI-Color technology allows a spectral performance that is totally within acceptable range. 


Result are ranked from #1 (best CRI at 90) to 5th place (CRI of 85), which are exceptional results even at 5th place.  

1st place – daylight color with LED panel with Bi-Color version (DEDOCOLOR)

2nd place – daylight color with LEDRAMA-BI-COLOR panel

3rd place – daylight color with LEDRAMA-DAYLIGHT panel

4th place – daylight color with HMI panel (DLH400D/DLH400S)

For all tests relating to DAYLIGHT, here is our overall analysis:

  • LED panels, focusable LEDs as well as the HMI sources work well together, but lend results that can be problematic in post-production.
  • Used outside, these minor annoyances become negligible as the main daylight becomes dominant.  
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