The TRXCL3 offers superb sound quality, a compact design and incredible ease of use of for those in film, television or ENG applications. Weighing less than a half pound (7.3 oz) it features internal recording, encrypted audio, timecode, ZaxNet™ functionality and more.

As a wide-band transmitter, it’s capable of sending audio with embedded timecode to camera through its UHF signal to QRX200, RX200 and QRX235 Zaxcom receivers and via ZaxNet™, a 2.4 GHz signal, to an ERX3TCD receiver.

Audio is 100% digital and fully encrypted to keep transmissions private. The transmitter is also immune to intermodulation which occurs when multiple transmitters in close proximity to each other mix together.

The TRXCL3 can simultaneously transmit and record internally to a microSD card. Files are saved using the highly reliable lossless MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) and can then be instantly converted to Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) or MP3 via ZaxConvert, free software available for MAC or PC.

The unit features a single TA5 audio input that can be used as balanced stereo line level or sample rate converting AES. A 3.5mm output allows for audio out and a BNC connector provides a connection for timecode in or out. An OLED display lets users easily navigate the intuitive menu.

Additionally, the TRXCL3 is equipped with ZaxNet™ to send or receive timecode, scratch track audio and remote control commands. Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) modulation has been added to increase the number of channels in the wireless spectrum.

Shipping now, it’s available in two frequency options “.5 band” (512-614 MHz) or “.6 band” (596-698 MHz).