Cinela has released a new design of its wind protection ball, the Leonard, code name: LEO. This new model comes ready for 3 different mic sizes (20, 22 and 25mm) and uses some of the materials that have made the succes of its innovative Zephyx and Piano windshields, in particular the unbreakable plastic used for the cage.

leo-20-fur leo-25n

Furthermore a Double MS model is now available for the Schoeps CMC / CCM8:


Also these newly designed modular models allow to combine the primary fabric layer for interior recordings with a more wind resistant fur for outside takes.

The Leonard wind protection balls are best used with the OSIX suspensions from Cinela, please feel free to get in touch with Sonotechnique to learn about all the different solutions available or to get advices on the best choice for your favorite microphones!