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PAM2 3G16 Mk 2


PAM1 MK 2 Dolby

PAM1 MK 2 (non Dolby)

Quick Overview

Precision Audio monitoring unit, 1RU, 2 x LCD displays for 16 channel simultaneous audio monitoring, metadata, setup menus, video confidence monitor. 2 x HD/SDI (1080p 60, 59.94 & 50Hz), EBU-R128, CALM compliant loudness measurement. 2 x stereo analogue, 4 x AES inputs, Internal loudspeaker system, external PSU, External Monitor SDI output,

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Our flagship Precision Audio Monitor (PAM) range supports stereo, multichannel, multi-language and surround sound environments via a sophisticated, intuitive control interface.
  • Fully configurable analogue and digital multichannel outputs
  • Optional support for Dolby E®, Dolby Digital® and Dolby Digital Plus®
  • Dual auto-sensing, 1080p (60, 59, 94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs
  • Dual high resolution 2.4″ screens for 16 bargraphs, setup and metadata display.
  • Downmix of discreet multichannel audio to stereo for compatibility monitoring
  • Hi Resolution Video confidence monitoring
  • ITU BS1770/71 loudness measurement and Histogram
  • Ability to monitor in sync using the AV off set to cater for any inherent delay
  • User Programmable ‘Assign Matrix’
  • Audio Output Delay
  • Automatic mode switching – depending on signal type
  • Pushes PAM data to the monitor wall, with use configurable quadrants and HD-SDI output
  • Multichannel audio outputs for external stereo or 5.1 loudspeaker system integration
  • High quality internal full range loudspeaker system
  • 4 AES (4 Pairs/8 Channel) Inputs– 110Ohm Balanced or 75Ohm unbalanced via optional CAB-D25-BNC cable
  • Dual 12V DC inputs
  • Serial remote control
  • Compact, lightweight (weight tbc) 1RU case, 250mm deep
  • 2 Analogue Stereo Inputs
  • 1 xEthernet for Network connectivity
  • 1 xSD card slot for system updates and preset save/recall ‘Scroll To Hear’
  • 1 xUSB connector for system updates and preset save/recall