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Internet Streaming – Multi-formats Radio Solutions

WinMedia provides cost effective turnkey software solutions for radio content production, scheduling & streaming. Based on the latest broadcasting and internet technologies, it makes it possible to: Produce and automatically schedule one week of 24/7 content for 16 webradio formats… in a single click. Stream up to 16 different web radio contents from a single workstation.




-MS SQL database, user friendly Drag’n’Drop GUI
-Up to 16 players and stream encoders to manage multiple radio formats from a single system
-Automatic music scheduling following predefined radio format with advanced rotation rules
-Default mixes between audio tracks
-Voicetrack module
-CD Grabber connected to FreeDB internet database and media information retrieval, including CD cover
-Automatic HTML/XML export of the current track information (artist, title,..) as well as corresponding the CD cover on the host webpage
-Web encoding into mp3 or wma formats at various sampling and bitrates



-Robust, reliable and easy to use platform
-Maximise the number of web radio formats while minimizing the costs
-Easily generate one week of music program in a   single click, anytime in advance
-Smooth transitions between audio tracks
-Record and schedule DJ voices playout
-Save time while creating an audio database, using the internet public CD media databases to help you find the media information
-Your audience will always see the artist and title names of the track they are currently listening on your web page
-Flexibility in audio streaming formats


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