WinMedia TV



Professional & Cost-Effective Turnkey TV Solutions

Based on its extensive experience in Radio Broadcasting, Automation, and Management Solutions, WinMedia Group has developed a low-cost still robust and complete integrated workflow solution to fit TV broadcasters most precise needs.




-SQL Server Database on Windows HP servers 
-2 video players and broadcast video cards 
-Compliant with MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 standards 
-Advanced traffic and music management modules 
-4 Graphic layers for tickers, SMS and logo insert 
-IP or GPIO commands to virtual studio and multi-layers master control hardware 
-Includes WinLogger, a complete solution for video recording, analysis and archiving



-Top reliable play-out solution compatible with every standards at a very competitive price 
-Automatic video cross-fading between contents 
-Can manage multiple play-out formats of the same content from a single database file (HD/SD TV, Mobile TV, Web TV, Radio, Web radio…) 
-Ads Traffic Broadcast Reports & Certificates as well as Yield management to optimize TV revenue 
-Full automation capabilities, including automatic music scheduling with rotation rules for Music TVs


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