WinMedia Pro



Radio Software Solution – Pro Edition

WinMedia Pro Pack is a complete software solution that includes the most advanced features radio staff could ever dream of. In addition to all WinMedia Lite and WinMedia Basic Editions functionalities; it includes the unique following features below: 

Instant access to liners, hooks, jingles and beds with DJ hotkeys module 

4 players and independant programs to control multiple radio and Tv formats on the same database 

Advanced automatic music scheduling rotation rules

Full broadcast reports, certificates, reporting, commercial statistics and yeild management

Automatic filling of commercial breaks and hours of music with advanced time streaching

Multi-track editor for ultra-fast edition news and interviews

Automatic podcast of shows with RSS management (WinTransfer)


On-Air Live-Assist

Four players and four independant programs for manual & automatic play-out with fader starts 
Reconfigurable hotkeys module for live-assist On-Air live recording



SQL database and Audio Files server (MP2 or WAV) 
RAID 0/1 and RAID 5 data redondancy 
Automatic backup and recovery 
Standalone backup on on-air PC with auto-switch


Ads / Traffic Management

Automatic commercial campaigns booking and scheduling with rejections 
Broadcast certificates and broadcast reports for total reconciliation 
Full clients billing and commercials statistics


Music Scheduling

Automatic music scheduling with multiple music clocks and advance music rotation rules
Smart time stretching to make programs exactly fit into the hour


Production and News

8 tracks editor to record and edit phone interviews and news in lossless quality & fast way
CD grabber with audio information retrieval
Voicetracks insertion

Logger / Stream / Podcast

Record Program, stream in same time and cut the record automaticaly for automatic PodcastConvert to any audio or video formats to publish on FTP or Web siteConsult and link to the playlist


WinMedia Cartridge Hotkeys

It is a 32 button dedicated hardware and software interface that provides a quick access to an endless amount of audio files to be used during live shows.

Drag ‘n Drop audio files from the Database into the Cartridge and Set various cue points (intro, hook…) and/or Loop each audio file. Used for Sound FX to live shows, News Flashes, Music count downs & teasers before ad breaks

Start network commands (RS232/422, Telnet, Dry Loop) to control other studio equipments


WinMedia Radio and Tv Networking Solutions

WinMedia provides top edge solution to control remote stations programs and commercials from a centralized location. Programs and missing audio files are sent prior broadcasting through VPN network to the remote databases. This does not require expensive internet link, and makes it possible to control an unlimited number of remote studio contents.

Mix regional and local commercials to optimize radios or Tv revenue.

Lower the setup and operating costs of additional studios

Broadcast Certificates and History of all radios or Tv are accessible in a single click

Produce, Schedule and Control programs of every radios or Tv in the network from a single location

Easy to mix together and switch from regional programs to local programs

Possible to expand the network step by step, with no limitations in the number of radio or Tv formats



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